Jovial Jaunts with Jonesy rates and information

Please make your arrangements well in advance. We have very limited space available. JovJauntCardFrontBWe try to book no more than 2 beasties at a time. Jonesy is sensitive to your needs, and will do his utmost to accommodate all of his best friends.

     DAY RATES:  M-F, $30/day; $120/5 day week.  Weekend, $35/day.

You can drop off your canine companion on the way to work and pick him or her up when you return.  Jonesy will make sure everyone is exercised and happy.

     SLEEP-OVER RATES:  M-F overnight, $45/24 hour period.  M-F weekly, $180; weekends, $50/24 hour period.

  • If you need to spend the night elsewhere and cannot take your favorite friend, Jonesy will act as a gracious host.
  • Going on a business trip? Visiting friends or family who are allergic? Jonesy will take care of everyone the whole time. He asks everyone to bring the food they like to eat when at home.

NOTE: Jonesy offers a sliding scale rate to all of his friends who have limited finances.


You can arrange for Jonesy to pick up and drop off your friend from his or her assigned location. Pick-up rates vary depending on where, when, and Jonesy and Steve’s availability.


  • All individuals must be current with vaccinations and be licensed.
  • We prefer harnesses to collars.
  • Jonesy reserves the right to deny service to any individual who exhibits behavior, appearance, and or health issues he feels are unacceptable.
  • We require an interview ahead of your stay with us to ensure everyone will get along.




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